Lizzie Rose works with people who want to improve the way they feel in life. She is here to guide and facilitate your journey of healing and growth through one-on-one work, group workshops, and the MoonSisters Women’s Group. Lizzie’s greatest passion is finding the magic in this world and helping others do the same.

A graduate of Treadway Esoteric’s Light School for the Sacred Arts, a certified Reiki Master-Teacher, and an intuitive channel, Lizzie uses a combination of ancient wisdom and divine guidance with a dedication to reality, humor and compassion to make her clients feel at home in their healing.

A lifelong student, Lizzie is constantly learning, and her interests and skills lie in many areas of the human experience. In addition to her interest and explorations of psychology, meditation, and mindfulness, she is also particularly interested in the magic of life – our power as creators, and our ability to understand and work with energy to create what we desire.  MORE…


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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Enrollments:

time for YOU 6 week course | enrollment open until August 26th

MoonSisters 8 week cycle | enrollment open until September 1st

Goddess Circle

September 6th | Mystic Journey Crystal Gallery

7:30 pm | 1702 Lincoln Blvd Venice, CA


Join me for a Goddess Circle in the awesome loft

at the brand new Mystic Journey Crystal Gallery,

surrounded by incredible crystals and mystical, magical energy.

New Moon Manifesting

Aug 20 | Life Lab HB7pm

Sept 19 | Life Lab HB  | 7pm

Oct 18 | Life Lab HB  | 7:45


Are you ready to call in something magnificent this month?

Make your August dreams come true in the gorgeous ZenDen!

This circle is always about manifesting, but the methods change with the month,

so it’s never quite the same experience!

Reiki 1 & 2 Creative Certification Class

September 16 & 17 | LifeLab HB

Reiki 3 Advanced Reiki Training

September 24 | LifeLab HB

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We all possess the power to heal ourselves; to find our happiest, truest, highest self and live as that person every day.  It is my profound honor, deepest joy and humble duty to support you as you access that version of yourself, and journey into your most fulfilling life as your you-est you!

There are various ways to approach your growth and healing. Since each person is unique, the work we do together will be determined by your specific needs. Please explore this site, schedule a free consultation, or start with a mini-session/card reading. I look forward to working together!

Moon Sisters is an 8-week women’s group for sisterhood, support, inspiration, healing, transformation & growth.

A mini-session/card reading or personal ceremony is a great way to check in and see what we can work on.

Daily Magic is a free daily email with a card reading, guidance, and affirmation.

Turn Your Shakti Up workshops and retreats to bring the Divine Feminine into your everyday life.

Check out the Magic Shop for items to add more magic into your life.

Read my blog to get to know me better.


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