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Prioritizing YOU can be daunting, but with tiny actions that achieve huge inner shifts, you can prioritize YOU without destabilizing your life.

Each of our unique blueprints require a distinct combination of support elements. In this 6 week course, discover what your body and soul are crying out for… and provide it for yourself with support and guidance. Whether you’re ready for version 2.0 or 7.0 or 12.0…. it’s time to Upgrade YOU.

6 weeks | 3 group classes | 3 private sessions | Upgraded YOU

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Once upon a time, I thought I knew all about self love, but really I had no idea. I thought it meant “treating myself” to things I wanted. That approach was like eating skittles when you’re starving. Or putting a bandaid on when you’re bleeding out. Not only is it not enough, but it’s not even addressing the issue.

My first encounter with true self love happened when I dove deep into figuring out what I was really missing and longing for. It wasn’t hard, but it did take some attention. Those answers came in layers, in bite-sized pieces I could handle. And one by one, I found ways to provide those things for myself with consistency, care, and intention. I had support and guidance, but I was doing it myself, piece by piece, day by day. It doesn’t have to be hard. It’s just about taking it a step at a time instead of treating this like a huge project, dropping everything else in your life.

This new course is all about seeing self care in a whole new way. It’s about tiny actions that create huge shifts for you – – without neglecting the rest of your life. This course is designed to be easy to fit into life – even if your life is demanding and busy. Whether you have a demanding job, a family depending on you, 3 projects happening simultaneously, or just feel like you have no time, this course is still for you. (It works if you have lots of time to devote, too!) It’s online, so you can participate from anywhere in the world.

If you are looking for more fulfillment, more energy, more space, and more of that happy buzz inside you, email me or sign up here.



I was very skeptical of this offering at first. The timing was not great with a new school year starting at the same time. I spoke with Lizzie about it because it was a VERY busy time for me and she assured me that it really was doable so I took the leap. If I felt overwhelmed, I figured I would just drop out. I am so glad that I did it!! Lizzie was right, there was no stress in doing the “work” for the course and the small actions naturally evolved as the weeks went by for me. Her formula of “tiny actions – huge shifts” has been life changing! If I hadn’t done it for myself, I wouldn’t believe it was possible. This is an entirely new way for me to interact with myself and the world at large. I usually dive into big actions and get overwhelmed, burnt out, or resentful that I am dragging myself over the coals so to speak and not seeing results to match my perceived efforts. Lizzie is a gracious guide who added just the right amount of guidance and showered me with support and celebration as I did step into the next version of me. She actually had to point out my progress since it evolved so naturally it flew under my radar. It feels as though this is how I have always been and yet somehow new and exciting all at the same time. I would not hesitate to do more work with Lizzie and am eternally grateful to have been gifted this new skill set. An overall mind-blowing, reality-shifting experience that I highly recommend everyone experience for themselves as words cannot really do it justice. Thank you Lizzie for sharing your gifts in this way.