The Journey Membership Agreement:

  1. I agree to show up to classes, courses, and private sessions with good intentions, and open mind, and an open heart.
  2. I agree to continue my membership through the end of 2018, unless emergency circumstances prevent me from doing so. In the event of emergency circumstances, I will contact Lizzie as soon as possible to work out the details of my exit. I understand that in a non-emergency, the desire to downgrade or discontinue my membership must be discussed with Lizzie before any action is taken. (See #5.)
  3. I agree that I am responsible for my own growth, and I agree to use the classes, courses, sessions, and other services provided to assist me.
  4. I agree to share any questions, objections, or observations relevant to The Journey with Lizzie confidentially and promptly so they may be resolved.
  5. I understand that there are times when growth challenges me, and I might want to stop. I agree to keep going so that I may see my true self shine through.
  6. I understand that I am not required to attend all the classes, courses, and other services for which I am eligible, but that I won’t be reimbursed if I choose not to participate.
  7. I understand that I can access recordings of classes for which I sign up, but can’t attend live.
  8. I understand that dedicating just a little time to my Journey is a gift to me. I am beautiful!



I’m ready to sign up. Take me on the Journey.