You want spiritual growth AND you want stability.

You want to believe in magic AND get things done.

You just want to feel more grounded, centered, confident, and happy as you go about your (busy) life while effortlessly growing into the whole and content, peaceful and enlightened person you know you can be.

Is that too much to ask?

Not at all.

I know the feeling. There’s a next version of you out there, maybe just out of reach. It’s a you that goes for what you want, experiences more joy, speaks more truth, makes more money, sets loving boundaries, effects the world more deeply, mothers, friend-s, and lover-s with more compassion and understanding, shows up more fully, and has more confidence and pleasure in your life.

You can imagine her, you know she’s out there, but how do you get to her? How can you finally be united with your true, whole, amazing self? The self that feels like what you look like on your best hair day? That ideal-feeling you.

It can be hard to find the time to commit to a program that supports you in the way you most need. How do you find that amazing you in this sometimes overwhelming life? The Journey is made to work for you, no matter the level of commitment you are ready and willing to make.

You choose which pieces you want to participate in and when. Classes and courses and sessions are available to you all year long. There are endless opportunities for your soul to have great hair days.

The membership you choose determines how many classes and courses you have access to, but not which ones, or when you have to participate. So join us regularly, or skip the months that are crazy busy for you and load up during the other months. Classes are recorded so you can even take part on your own time if you can’t make it live. Participate in every course if you want to, or just do the one that’s calling to you. No matter which membership you choose, you  are held in the larger Journey Container, with access to our community perks all year long. 

Learn more about the membership levels here.

What is The Journey?

Since each person is unique and participates how they want to and are able to, each person’s Journey is unique, too.

Essentially it’s a year long Journey to meet and embody your true self. It’s a year of personal and spiritual growth to get you to that amazing, whole & happy you. It’s filled with classes and courses, experiences and a-ha! moments, healings, channelings, understanding, support, education, community, and magic.

It’s an opportunity for you to have all these things at your fingertips all year long and to be held in a container of love, magic, sisterhood, and grounded growth. An opportunity to participate with intention, and have company and inspiration on your own Journey, and to let spirit, beauty, magic, and truth into your life in a whole new way: on your terms, on your schedule, to fit your needs.

The important things to know:

Wherever You Are  –  The Magical Healing Container  –  The Sacred Space  –  The Grounded Approach To Growth  –  The Ascension To Your True Higher Self   –  The Community  –  The  Personal Attention  (Click for more info.)

How do I participate & What’s INcluded?

All aspects of The Journey are online. Classes, courses, channelings and sessions are done by Zoom Video Chat. Community groups and forums are on Facebook.

There are three membership levels that include different levels of access to the content available on The Journey. Explore the catalog of classes and courses and the membership options to see what’s right for you. Whether you want to dip your toes in or complete the entire curriculum, The Journey will change your world for the better.


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Classes are 60-90 minutes long, and recordings will be available if you want to participate, but can’t be present live. All classes are both informational and experiential, crafted to add immense value to, and propel you on, your personal journey.


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The courses are 4-6 weeks long, and include three group classes to utilize the strong energy of the collective and three private sessions to attend to your individual needs and support your Journey. Each course will be a deep dive into the topic at hand, with a focus on easy ways to make a big difference in your life.


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The Private Sessions included in your membership are to support you on your Journey. They may include energy healing, talking through issues that are coming up for you, channeling, card readings, or anything else that is relevant.  Each session is different and guided by what you need at the time. These sessions are 60 minutes and are in addition to the sessions that are included in each course.*

*Elements members receive only the 3 sessions included in your course, but get discounts on additional sessions.


The Council of Guides (including an amazing spirit animal council!) overseeing The Journey will be available for channeled guidance through Q+A sessions six times per year. Come with your questions, and let the Council hold, love, and guide you!


Discounted Rates on MoonSisters, additional Courses, Classes, and Private Sessions

Private Gratitude Initiative (Facebook group) to raise your vibration every day!

Private Book Club for activated and initiatory texts.

New Moon Manifestation Calls to put some extra moon magic into your intentions for the coming month.

Guided Audio & Video Meditation (Recordings)

Activated Songs for Meditation, Prayer & Journeying (Recordings)

What about MoonSisters?

If you have come to know and love MoonSisters, we can work it into your Journey Membership. Just let me know that’s what you want when you sign up.

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I’m ready to sign up. Take me on the Journey.

Working with Lizzie is like having her hold a mirror up to your heart. – KD, Los Angeles

An overall mind-blowing, reality-shifting experience that I highly recommend everyone experience for themselves as words cannot really do it justice. – SB, New York