Lizzie is amazing. The energy healing that she emanates through her being is extraordinary. I have worked with her both in person and via phone and Skype.  Her presence is angelic and is no different through distance healing or in person. She has assisted me greatly for many years. I consider her a huge blessing in my life. I am forever grateful to have met someone who truly cares about the well being of others, and who works in assisting the conscious evolution and spiritual healing of human beings. Lizzie is absolutely phenomenal and I highly recommend her healing and guidance.   -J.E. Los Angeles

Lizzie’s sensitivity to energetic practices is profound.  Since working with her, I have been able to welcome more positivity into my life, eliminate my fears of success and failure, and really go for my career goals one hundred percent!  I have formed closer relationships with God and my own spirituality, and I now experience guidance from the universe in ways I never thought possible.  Her work is truly an art form, and I recommend her to anyone in need of balance and enlightenment!  – K.S. New York


Lizzie, Your reading helped me SO much during that transition and the move in with my boyfriend has been going wonderfully. Thank you so much again for your support and insight. – C.P. Los Angeles

Lizzie, Thank you so much, this reading was amazing and so beautiful. – K.M. Los Angeles

I had a 30-minute Card Reading with Lizzie and she really helped me to overcome some anxiety that I was feeling and to adopt a more positive attitude.  She interpreted the cards and then helped me identify specific ways to put the guidance into action in my everyday life.  Thanks to Lizzie’s guidance, I have been able to let go of fear in the present moment, and to embrace future challenges with confidence.  I can’t wait for my next session! – E.R. Pennsylvania

Lizzie, Thank you so much for the reading! This is very helpful. Made me take a step back and I was like “woah.” – D.P. San Francisco



Working with Lizzie is like having her hold a mirror up to your heart.  At first its a bit dusty and dirty- hard to see what its reflecting.  But with each Moon Sisters call, not only does she help you to clean that mirror so the reflection becomes clear, but between her and the amazing moon sisters there with you, each week you learn to love that reflection of your heart.  You begin to realize that you were never broken- you didn’t need fixing.  You simply needed a support system to show you that you are worthy.  Worthy of self- love, worthy of the love from others, worthy of joy and contentment, and worthy of time devoted to remembering those things!  Thank you Lizzie and thank you to my Moon Sisters for reminding me each week that I am worthy!     – K.D. Los Angeles

Through Moon Sisters, Lizzie has taught me such sweet, simple truths about my relationship with myself and with the guiding light and power that have helped me evolve the way I treat myself, my energy, my outlook, my relationships, my everything! She has taught me in a way that feels effortless–almost more of an unlearning of unhelpful learned behaviors, societal norms and pressures, unhealthy patterns of thinking. She has helped me shed the habits, the words, the fears that never served me, and have since become nearly extinct when only a humble candle was brought to them. She helped me return to my truth.
    One of my greatest accomplishments supported and nurtured by Lizzie is my growing creative expression. She has truly brought out a divine element from my creative work and passion, connecting the dots from my source of spirit to my creative channel and outlet that I never had considered before. – A.T. Long Beach

I felt so supported during these several weeks in MoonSisters, and all the visioning we did really helped me to gain clarity and stuck with me throughout the weeks. Moon Sisters was a springboard into a lot of growth for me. Mostly the changes have been subtle, I’ve felt more of a shift toward self- acceptance than I ever have through therapy or self-help books, or affirmations, etc. and just an overall desire to embrace the phases and cyclical nature of things. The greatest a-ha moment came when we talked about the cycles of growth. I can now recognize when I’m in a period of contraction, and rather than beating myself up, for the first time, I recognize its value, and I’m enjoying the slower pace, and my desire to hunker down and go inward a bit has felt really nourishing. – K.N. Pennsylvania

Women’s Circles

Lizzie is a powerful and amazingly creative facilitator! She really has a magical way of making you feel fully seen, supported and heard. Her energy is really soothing, much like that of the moon. I felt instantly felt at home when I attended Lizzie’s Moon Manifesting circle. I highly recommend her Manifesting Moon circle to any woman that is longing for sisterhood and support in manifesting a life they truly desire. – Shanda Catrice, Los Angeles

time for YOU course

I was skeptical of this offering because the timing was not great with a new school year starting at the same time. I spoke with Lizzie about it because it was a VERY busy time for me and she assured me that it really was doable so I took the leap. I am so glad that I did it!! Lizzie was right, there was no stress in doing the “work” for the course and the small actions naturally evolved as the weeks went by for me. Her formula of “tiny actions – huge shifts” has been life changing! If I hadn’t done it for myself, I wouldn’t believe it was possible. This is an entirely new way for me to interact with myself and the world at large. I usually dive into big actions and get overwhelmed, burnt out, or resentful that I am dragging myself over the coals so to speak and not seeing results to match my perceived efforts. Lizzie is a gracious guide who added just the right amount of guidance and showered me with support and celebration as I did step into the next version of me. She actually had to point out my progress since it evolved so naturally it flew under my radar. It feels as though this is how I have always been and yet somehow new and exciting all at the same time. I would not hesitate to do more work with Lizzie and am eternally grateful to have been gifted this new skill set. An overall mind-blowing, reality-shifting experience that I highly recommend everyone experience for themselves as words cannot really do it justice. Thank you Lizzie for sharing your gifts in this way. – S.B., New York


Working with Lizzie was the most incredible experience. She is deeply knowledgable and skillfully trained in many healing modalities but leads with her intuitive nature first. She is one of the most genuine and humble spiritual teachers I’ve had the pleasure to work with. I am immensely grateful to have been trained in Reiki under her guidance.  – L.M., Los Angeles
Reiki I and II with Lizzie was one of the most transformational and empowering spiritual experiences that I’ve had. I’ve always wanted to learn a way to help me better understand myself and others, and for me this was a perfect next step on my journey. Lizzie emanates such a magical, open and powerful vibe and I feel honored to have her as my teacher! – A.C. Hermosa Beach

Being led on a journey with Lizzie as Reiki Master was purely divine. LIzzie’s approach to teaching is as respectful and responsible to the material as it is inspiring, healing and even fun. Lizzie’s natural ability to create safe space allowed this training to be so much more than an awakening to the power of Reiki but also an awakening of self and spirit. – T.C. Hermosa Beach

Lizzie was the perfect teacher/facilitator that guided us through our introduction to Reiki and brought us to a higher level of vibration over the weekend. Lizzie has a plethora of Spiritual and Intuitive wisdom offered with a gentle and humble energy! I loved the weekend and cannot wait until Level 3! – D.F. Hermosa Beach