Moon Sisters – Arielle

    Through Moon Sisters, Lizzie has taught me such sweet, simple truths about my relationship with myself and with the guiding light and power that have helped me evolve the way I treat myself, my energy, my outlook, my relationships, my everything! She has taught me in a way that feels effortless–almost more of an unlearning of unhelpful learned behaviors, societal norms and pressures, unhealthy patterns of thinking. She has helped me shed the habits, the words, the fears that never served me, and have since become nearly extinct when only a humble candle was brought to them. She helped me return to my truth.
    One of my greatest accomplishments supported and nurtured by Lizzie is my growing creative expression. She has truly brought out a divine element from my creative work and passion, connecting the dots from my source of spirit to my creative channel and outlet that I never had considered before.