This time is about embodying our true essence so that we can live aligned lives.

Embodying our true essence allows us to enter the next level of living – where we experience more joy, pleasure, and togetherness than ever before. Embodying our true essence gives us back our untapped strength, wisdom, and power. Decisions become easy. Love becomes palpable. Balance settles in.

But do you even know what your true essence feels like?

Journey with me to find her, learn from her, and invite her into your daily life.

I am offering a handful of one-day immersions in which we will dive into the discovery and illumination of your true essence.

Apply here.

Spend the day with me and we will:

  • Journey into your inner world to discover the elements of  your true essence
  • Find your primary element and true essence identity, establish easy ways to infuse them into your current life
  • Create a piece of writing and art that embodies your true essence
  • Create an essential oil blend you can wear that will help you remember your true essence daily
  • Learn how to tap into the wisdom of your true essence and receive her help when making decisions
  • Have an integration ceremony to officially welcome your true essence into your life

Working with Lizzie is like having her hold a mirror up to your heart.  – KD, Los Angeles

The Details:

  • A handful of immersions are available. These are in-person, and require you to be in Southern California.
  • Our immersion will be approximately 6 hours long and will include a nourishing meal.
  • The cost is $555 and includes all materials and food, etc.  Apply here.

Lizzie is deeply knowledgable and skillfully trained in many healing modalities but leads with her intuitive nature first. She is one of the most genuine and humble spiritual teachers I’ve had the pleasure to work with.  – LM, Los Angeles

“Embodying your true essence is what this life is about. It can happen clumsily at first, as you begin to feel her knocking at your door. But with more awareness, desire, and connection, you can be living as her every day. When you integrate her, you can give to all the others in your life from a full and radiant place. You can serve your unique purpose in the world with ease and love. You can lift others up to reach their fullest potential as you lead by example. You can really change the world.” 

-Lizzie Rose (fairy essence!)