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The next 8 week cycle of MoonSisters:

November 13 – January 5th

MoonSisters is a women’s group where

support + inspiration + sisterhood =

healing, growth, and transformation

All within a few weeks, I realized the irreplaceable importance of ongoing support systems, I was getting overwhelming response from my new Daily Magic emails, and the power of the moon was working intensely with me. Clearly something new and meaningful was being created through me. I was inspired to form an affordable group for women to have the ongoing support they need while making space for growth, inspiration, and sisterhood in their lives. I feel blessed to be a co-creator of this strong and magical container.


Here’s how it works:

Read more about MoonSisters here: MoonSisters Info
and schedule a conversation with Lizzie
  The days and times of our groups are determined by the availability of the sisters.

All ages welcome over 18.

MoonSisters Pact


Working with Lizzie is like having her hold a mirror up to your heart.  At first it’s a bit dusty and dirty – hard to see what it’s reflecting.  But with each Moon Sisters call, not only does she help you to clean that mirror so the reflection becomes clear, but between her and the amazing moon sisters there with you, each week you learn to love that reflection of your heart.  You begin to realize that you were never broken – you didn’t need fixing.  You simply needed a support system to show you that you are worthy.  Worthy of self-love, worthy of the love from others, worthy of joy and contentment, and worthy of time devoted to remembering those things!  Thank you Lizzie and thank you to my Moon Sisters for reminding me each week that I am worthy!

I felt so supported during these several weeks in MoonSisters, and all the visioning we did really helped me to gain clarity and stuck with me throughout the weeks. Moon Sisters was a springboard into a lot of growth for me. Mostly the changes have been subtle, I’ve felt more of a shift toward self- acceptance than I ever have through therapy or self-help books, or affirmations, etc. and just an overall desire to embrace the phases and cyclical nature of things. The greatest a-ha moment came when we talked about the cycles of growth. I can now recognize when I’m in a period of contraction, and rather than beating myself up, for the first time, I recognize its value, and I’m enjoying the slower pace, and my desire to hunker down and go inward a bit has felt really nourishing.

Through Moon Sisters, Lizzie has taught me such sweet, simple truths about my relationship with myself and with the guiding light and power that have helped me evolve the way I treat myself, my energy, my outlook, my relationships, my everything! She has taught me in a way that feels effortless–almost more of an unlearning of unhelpful learned behaviors, societal norms and pressures, unhealthy patterns of thinking. She has helped me shed the habits, the words, the fears that never served me, and have since become nearly extinct when only a humble candle was brought to them. She helped me return to my truth.

One of my greatest accomplishments supported and nurtured by Lizzie is my growing creative expression. She has truly brought out a divine element from my creative work and passion, connecting the dots from my source of spirit to my creative channel and outlet that I never had considered before.

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