MoonBeams: the referral program

When you refer a new woman to MoonSisters and she signs up, you will get $40 value per referred signup. (You are the MoonBeam, sharing the light with new MoonSisters, get it?)

Whether you just think someone would love MoonSisters and don’t mind a reward, OR if you want to share this opportunity with everyone you know, and make some extra money, this is a way for me to share the wealth and for you to take part in the growth of this container.

Here are the ways you can get your reward:

  • $40 = an extra 30-minute phone session with me
  • $40 = turning a 30-minute session into a full hour-long healing session
  • $40 = cash in your account (venmo or paypal)
  • $40 = credit towards your MoonSisters enrollment

Here are some answers to questions you might have:

  • YES, you can refer and get rewarded for multiple signups!
  • YES, you can post about MoonSisters on Instagram & Facebook (and I’ll even provide some verbiage below.)
  • NO, you do not have to currently be enrolled in MoonSisters to take part.
  • NO, you do not have to be in a group with the people refer – you can request to be in a separate group if you prefer to keep your worlds separate.
  • NO, you do not have to refer anyone! This is a completely optional thing, meant to be a perk to add value to the MoonSisters experience for you.

Here’s how to refer someone:

  • Post on Social Media, tagging me & linking to, where your friend can learn more and contact me.
  • Forward them the email I sent you, which will give them information and let them contact me.
  • Give your friend my information to contact me directly.
    • Lizzie Rose – 215-534-0379 –
    • IG: @magicisreal_lizzie – FB: @lizzierose34

If you have any questions, always feel free to reach out to me! I’m excited to try this for the first time before the May 8th cycle begins! (See all info below.)

Thank you for being a part of this awesome tribe.

See you soon, MoonSister!

XO  Lizzie

Verbiage and Info:

What is MoonSisters?
MoonSisters is an 8-week online women’s group where support + inspiration + sisterhood = healing, growth & transformation.

What’s included and what’s the investment? 
$244 includes an 8 week membership, lifetime Facebook group membership, plus two 30-minute phone sessions for energy healing, support, and guidance.

Please feel free to share your own experience, including the value MoonSisters added to your life, transformations that occurred, and how you felt showing up to our calls. You can keep it short & sweet, or share your detailed insights, like this MoonSister:

Working with Lizzie is like having her hold a mirror up to your heart.  At first it’s a bit dusty and dirty – hard to see what it’s reflecting.  But with each Moon Sisters call, not only does she help you to clean that mirror so the reflection becomes clear, but between her and the amazing moon sisters there with you, each week you learn to love that reflection of your heart.  You begin to realize that you were never broken – you didn’t need fixing.  You simply needed a support system to show you that you are worthy.  Worthy of self-love, worthy of the love from others, worthy of joy and contentment, and worthy of time devoted to remembering those things!  Thank you Lizzie and thank you to my Moon Sisters for reminding me each week that I am worthy!