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Courses are 4-6 weeks long, and include three group classes to utilize the strong energy of the collective and three private sessions to attend to your individual needs. Each course will be a deep dive into the topic at hand with personal attention, and a focus on easy ways to make a difference in your life.

All courses are $444 and include 3 group classes + 3 private sessions in 4 weeks.

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MASCULINE/FEMININE | 4 weeks | Discover the gifts that are hidden in your wounded and divine masculine and feminine aspects, create more balance and intention in your life, and provide yourself with what you need because it’s all accessible from within you.

Mar 11-Apr 7  | Sign Up Here

EVOLVING SELF-TALK | 4 weeks | Evolving self-talk is an ongoing process we must nurture throughout our lifetime. In this course, we will focus on cultivating and strengthening the skills, habits, and tools necessary for building a healthy and loving relationship with yourself. This course is guided by Ascended Masters Mother Mary and Kuan Yin.

April 15-May 12 | Sign Up Here

MANIFESTATION | 4 weeks | Learn the basics of manifestation through alignment, belief-blasting, envisioning, magnetism, and spell-writing and declaration. Get ready to see your dreams come true. This course is guided by the Goddess Isis.

May 27-June 23 | Sign Up Here

PERSONAL MANTRA PROGRAM | 4 weeksincludes custom art | scheduled individually | Work with the power of words and vibration to create real growth in your life in an individual journey. You will receive a custom piece of mantra art created from the energy of your personal mantra. This course is overseen by your personal team of guides.

Scheduled Individually | Sign Up Here