Apr 22: Flower Essences (Emma Elisabeth) | Sign Up Here. 4pm PT/7pm ET
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Classes are 60-90 minutes long, and recordings will be available if you want to attend but can’t be present live. All classes are both informational and experiential, crafted to add immense value to, and propel you on your personal journey. (Zoom Video Chat)

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Apr 22: Flower Essences (Emma Elisabeth) | Sign Up Here. 4pm PT/7pm ET

Apr 19: Sacral Chakra (Deep Dive) |  Sign Up Here. 5pm PT/8pm ET

Apr 26: Goddess Journey |  Sign Up Here. 5pm PT/8pm ET


Solar Plexus (Deep Dive) |  Sign Up Here.

Oracle Card Reading |  Sign Up Here.

Numerology with Hazellie Wong |  Sign Up Here.


Goddess |  Sign Up Here.

Heart Chakra (Deep Dive) |  Sign Up Here.

GTC TBA |  Sign Up Here.



The Science of Energy  | Purchase Recording Here.

Rewriting Your Food Story  | Purchase Recording Here.

Root Chakra (Deep Dive)  | Purchase Recording Here.

Masculine-Feminine IntroFREE! Sign up here and use code DUALITY.

Astrology – Moon Signs (Donna Flood) |  Purchase Recording Here.

Intuition | Purchase Recording Here. 



Single Classes (offered once per semester)

CHAKRA DISCOVERY JOURNEY | This class introduces you to our seven main chakras: what they are, how they relate to our physical, mental, emotional, and energetic selves. Discover the easy ways to use the chakra system to assess your state of wellbeing, and nurture and heal yourself. For seasoned chakra journeyers, this class will serve as a sacredly held space for channeling.

INTUITION | How do you access your intuition and receive intuitive guidance? We each have this beautiful gift, but our individual relationships with our intuition are unique. This class will strengthen your connection with your intuition with exercises and guided explorations. For seasoned intuitives, this class will serve as a sacredly held space for channeling.

ORACLE CARD READING | Unlock mysteries in your life and the lives of others with Oracle Cards. Learn what they are and different ways to use them for guidance. This class will focus on intuitive readings, and you will give and receive a reading with a partner.

MASCULINE & FEMININE INTRO | We are each a beautiful blend of the masculine and the feminine. Learn how to identify your masculine and feminine strengths, and bring more balance into your life by understanding and nurturing both. This class is guided by the Goddess Isis.

HEALTHY LOVING BOUNDARIES | Aaaahhh, boundaries! So important, and sometimes so difficult. In this class, we will discuss why it can be difficult to hold healthy loving boundaries and strengthen our ability to care for ourselves by learning how to use these wonderful tools that are so integral to a happy life. This class is guided by the Goddess Ishtar.

More classes may be added as inspiration strikes.


GODDESS JOURNEYS | 6 Journeys throughout the year | Each Goddess Journey features a different Goddess from ancient tradition. We will learn her story and receive her wisdom, inviting her sacred energy in to teach and guide us. Discovering how and where each Goddess lives within us is a unique and enlightening experience that opens us to our own divinity, improving our experiences in matters large and small. You never know what gift a Goddess will give you, but you can be sure it will change your life. Goddesses will include: Cerridwen, Isis, Ishtar, and more who step forward.

DEEP DIVE CHAKRA JOURNEYS | 7 Journeys throughout the year | Dive deep into your energy body with a focused journey through one chakra at a time. Discover what’s happening inside your unique subtle body one each of 7 areas, and receive affirming and growth-oriented guidance and insight on your individual operating system. The seven journeys will focus on: Stability | Creativity & Sexuality | Balance & Peace | Love | Expression & Manifestation | Vision & Perspective | Divine Connection

GUEST TAUGHT CLASSES | 1 or more per month | Teachers who I know, love, and trust will be teaching you about Astrology, Divine Union, Health & Nutrition, Breathwork, the Science of Energy, Dreamwork, Channeling, Ritual, Herbs & Tinctures, Numerology, Essential Oils, Voice Activation & more…! These classes are open to the public.