A Shift in Virtue

Angels, and Oracles, and Tarot… Oh, my! If you have used Angel Cards or Oracle Cards, you have probably heard of Doreen Virtue. Affectionately known as “The Angel Lady” for more than 20 years, she made oracle cards, angels, ascended masters, fairies, and spirituality available to everyone. Some call her style “fluffy,” but for most newcomers,…Read more »

3×3 meditations

3×3 Meditations by Dina Proctor… Here are two to get you started:     Dina Proctor created this method of meditation and shared in her book (Madly Chasing Peace) the transformation she experienced coming out extreme conditions like alcoholism and suicidal depression using this method as a support. In my experience, it works for anyone,…Read more »

Self Love

As a person who always felt like there was something wrong — with me, with a situation, with others — I experienced a lot of dissatisfaction in my life and subsequently became a really great achiever, trying to do things really well to experience some kind of satisfaction. Maybe you have had a similar experience. Maybe you know…Read more »