I’m Lizzie Rose and I work with people who want to improve the way they feel in life. I’m here to guide and facilitate your journey of healing and growth. My greatest passion is finding the magic in this world and helping others do the same.

The magic I’m talking about is a belief in things you might have stopped believing in when “real life” kicked in.

Things like miracles, your own super powers, changing the way you’re used to moving though life (think ragged ripped dress) into a brand new way of experiencing and appreciating the world you live in (think beautiful sparkly ball gown) with a simple shift in perspective (think bippity-boppity-boo.) You know, things like that.

I work with clients in private sessions as well as groups. I facilitate women’s circles, teach energy healing training classes, lead Goddess and meditation groups, and do oracle card readings privately and at events. Any way that I can create sacred space to help or teach or share what I know and love, I’m there.

I’m a graduate of Treadway Esoteric’s Light School for the Sacred Arts, a certified Usui & Holy Fire II Reiki Master-Teacher, and an Intuitive Channel. I enjoy using a combination of ancient wisdom and divine guidance with a dedication to reality, humor and compassion to make my clients feel at home in their healing.

A lifelong student, I’m constantly learning, and my interests and skills lie in many areas of the human experience. In addition to my interest and explorations of psychology, meditation, and mindfulness, I’m also particularly interested in the magic of life – our power as creators, and our ability to understand and work with energy to create what we desire.

I believe in play and rest and pleasure to balance out our hard work and life challenges. I paint to relax and sing for divine connection. I am energized by nature and I put my bare feet on mother earth daily to remain connected to the source of our life force.

I wrote and published the (all ages) children’s book, Eversees and the Magic Tree in 2014, which explores our inherent powers through the eyes of the innocent. A lover of magical literature and sacred song from a very young age, I love to chant and sing sacred song to feel grounded, lifted, and close to the divine.

Thanks for reading all about me. Now let’s talk about you.

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