What to do when things are going REALLY well.

Things are going really well. You’re on a roll – you are magnetizing, manifesting, creating, succeeding! Congratulations!!!

Amazing. First of all – – KEEP ROLLING!  Don’t stop the flow.

But, if like me, you like to be working towards something, you might wonder what to work on when (it’s not obvious because) things are going really well.  I’ll tell you, it’s your sabotage patterns.

If you haven’t read THE BIG LEAP by Gay Hendricks, get it now. It sheds light on our sabotage patterns and how we stop ourselves from growing in big ways because a part of us is uncomfortable.

I had a client come in yesterday who was seriously on fire. I mean – bam – thing after thing was lining up for her and with her. It was incredible to see and I really didn’t want to bring her down out of her celebratory high, but also, here she was, with me for a 90 minute session, and I wanted to know what role I needed to play in that time. Do we spend 90 minutes in the energy of “amazingness,” do we set some new goals, or do we find something to work on?

In complete joy, we talked about what we could do with our time. We could do some goal setting, and take this fire to the next level. The other option I suggested (cautiously, because I didn’t want her to feel like she had to come down from her high) was to talk a little about what kind of sabotage she could expect might happen so she could be prepared for it and not let it get in the way of her continued growth and success and on-fire-ness.

What happened after is the kind of magic I love most – when the souls of our loved ones come in and provide wisdom that helps us move forward on our path confidently, with more understanding of our situation and surroundings. I can never guarantee exactly what kind of magic will come through for you, but if you’re open to it, there is magic for you and we will find it together.

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