Channeled from Fortunata, Owl of the East:

This is the wisdom of the earth system, the wisdom of all time, the wisdom of infinite creation.

Aligning with the essence of your greatest achievements will bring forth the tide of ascension. Spiral up the double helix ladder into the 5th dimension. Step into the crystal grid daily for rejuvenation of spirit, of mind, of body. Rejuvenation of your whole being comes through the crystal grid.

When we move up into the crystal grid, we are aligned. Our molecules become ordered in sacred matter, in sacred alignment. Sacred symbols and shapes flow through our systems, our energetic bodies, reordering our physical reality, reordering our current state.

This is the wisdom of the owl of the east.

This is not pie-in-the-sky (just) etherial wisdom. This is (also) wisdom of the earth. The elements are not separate. Our system is whole. Earth and air and fire and water and love exist together – not separately from one another, not in opposition of each other.

In collaboration always.

What should I do with this?

From a centered place, in meditation, or following breath work, imagine a crystal grid surrounding the earth.

Continue visualizing this grid and calling to mind the things you want and the things you are grateful for. Call to mind the feeling of your greatest achievements (by the standard of greatest love, greatest feeling, greatest growth.) Spend as much time in this place as you like.

Do this daily for rejuvenation of your whole being.

The Journey

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