A shift in Virtue – The Angel Lady Changes Her Tune

Angels, and Oracles, and Tarot… Oh, my!

If you have used Angel Cards or Oracle Cards, you have probably heard of Doreen Virtue. Affectionately known as “The Angel Lady” for more than 20 years, she made oracle cards, angels, ascended masters, fairies, and spirituality available to everyone. Some call her style “fluffy,” but for most newcomers, her approach and explanations are just right. They address the common concerns about believing in such things. She has made the world of spirituality and angels available to skeptics and dreamers alike. In my early days of awakening, reading her books and using her cards helped me understand that my sensitivity and perceptiveness were gifts that I could use to deepen my personal experience and be of service to others. She helped me believe in magic.

Let’s fast forward several years to the beginning of 2017, when Doreen Virtue announced that a recent experience seeing Jesus appear before her had led her to devote herself to a religious path. For her, this path means taking her name off all the Tarot Decks she created in partnership with Radleigh Valentine (and donating her proceeds,) classifying them as divination, which is prohibited by the Bible. These decks were specifically created to erase the scary or negative aspects associated with Tarot, making the tarot deck into a user-friendly oracle deck. Her devotion also means taking the book she wrote about Ascended Masters and her Ascended Masters Oracle Deck off the market. She has announced that her work from now on will only be based on scripture.

The part that began to break my heart…

Doreen paved the way for me to change my relationship with Jesus. Growing up Jewish, I had no relationship with Jesus. All I knew was that Christians believed he was the son of God, but according to my religion, he was not. Doreen helped me see Jesus as an Ascended Master, and as a beautiful energy of pure and unconditional love, without requiring me to believe anything that didn’t fit in with who I was. Later, working through A Course In Miracles, I discovered another way of thinking about Jesus that made sense to me. He is a symbol of each of us, and our oneness with God. He is a son of God and so am I. He was a man who walked the earth, taught and spoke about the love of God, and devoted his life to his beliefs. Even later, I started receiving channelings from Jesus, Mary Magdalen, and Mother Mary as Ascended Masters in my practice. Jesus always came through as the energy of pure love, bringing tears to my eyes, and light to my heart. I am so happy that I have been able to work through the blocks I had against connecting with this pure light energy. Much of that is thanks to Doreen Virtue.

I am sad that Doreen’s personal shift means that “the Angel Lady” who made Angels and Ascended Masters available to everyone no matter their upbringing, is now changing her message and restricting her audience. I understand what it’s like to have a personal shift and to need to do what‘s right for you, and I want Doreen to be happy, so I support her path. But I’m sad for all the people who will be confused by the contradictions between her earlier words and her current message.

The reason my heart doesn’t have to break, but must open instead.

Doreen Virtue has passed the torch, and now it is up to us to openly live love, and to share our individual journeys and unique experiences to make a loving world available to all. No matter who you are, where you are, or how you were raised, if you are interested in being happier, more fulfilled, and more in love, you can be. There are countless teachers and mystics who are living authentic lives devoted to creating a world of peace and love. If I’m not the person to help you on your journey, you will find that person soon. My message to you is: follow your heart, do what feels right, and don’t deny yourself the opportunity to see things differently.

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