Moon Sisters, Moon Manifesting, Moon Moon Moon – why am I constantly looking to the moon in my work and my offerings?

The moon is an enduring symbol: of feminine energy, of light through the dark, and maybe most importantly, of cycles, phases, and the importance of self-acceptance, which blooms into self-love.

My favorite reasons for working with the moon are the phases and cycles we see so clearly as soon as we start paying attention. The phases of the moon are displayed for us over 28.5 days on repeat.

We don’t try to change which phase the moon is in. We don’t feel anger, frustration, or resentment toward the moon for simply being where it is in the course of its cycle.

And yet we often feel dissatisfaction with ourselves for being in the phase we’re in, for not having completed a particular cycle quickly or adeptly enough. I should be there already, we think.

The most transformative personal work I have done in the last few years, and the most powerful transformations I have facilitated as a healer, have all started with commitment to self-acceptance, which blooms into genuine self-love. (Because once we’ve accepted ourselves, what’s left not to love?)

By accepting that we are where we are, that the cycle will continue, and that the phase we are in will surely shift, we release the need to judge our status and our selves.

Sometimes this reminder is helpful:

This is just a thing that’s happening right now.

In mere minutes the situation may be different. In days it may be completely transformed. In even a moment, our perspective can shift.

I always look to the moon to be reminded that the cycle continues, the phases keep moving, and that to be perfect or the same all the time is not the natural order of life. We see cycles all around us – in the seasons, years, moon (months), stages of life, in plant and animal growth. Why not see it, accept it, and love it in ourselves also?

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