Moon Sisters is a women’s group that provides space for support, inspiration, healing, growth, and sisterhood.

We all need support in one way or another. I believe that an ongoing support system (OSS) is far more effective than just asking for help when you need it.

How did it come about?

After realizing the importance of OSS, getting lots of responses from my Daily Magic emails, and giving powerful readings with The Moon Deck, I was inspired to create an affordable group for women to have the ongoing support they needed while making space for growth, inspiration, and sisterhood in their lives. The Moon Deck cards provide seeds for insightful conversation about the nature of our lives as women.

Here’s how it works:

1. Choose your group:
ONLINE anywhere in the world: Tuesdays at 5pm PT /8pm ET
IN PERSON in Los Angeles Area: Time & Date TBD by enrollees

2. Choose your package:
8 week membership $88
+ 1 Private Session $148
+ 2 Private Sessions $208

3. Sign Up!
Send an email to
or call me at 215.534.0379
to ask any questions,
get payment information,
and confirm your membership.

The next round is currently scheduled to run from the week of November 14th to the week of January 9th.

All ages welcome!



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