Relief through Release


Don’t get stuck holding onto something that no  longer serves you -including ideas, habits and belongings. It may no longer serve you to need to be needed or liked. Share what you can, give away something that can help someone else, or just let go. Don’t hold on so tight, you’ll squelch the natural flow of life. Release any bond that makes you captive of your own creation. Generosity comes from dropping the fear of scarcity and from trusting a higher power. In Native tradition, one important measure of wealth is one’s ability to assist others.



I release to receive.


Bonus poem from SACRED PATH book:

Aho Child of Earth!

Do you know the secret

of the Give-Away?

The more you release,

The more you receive,

For that is nature’s way.

Aho Child of Earth!

Do you believe

in reaping what you sow?

A drop of wisdom

Will bring the truth

And you will truly know.

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