My life has been full of need-tos and logistics.  Unpacking, organizing, making calls, catching up on work, settling in. I moved into a new apartment on Saturday, reunited with my dog Nellie, who’d been staying with friends while I gypsied around for a few months figuring our where to land next. I’d been feeling noticeably disconnected from my deep spiritual connection. It’s always there when I need it, but I wasn’t feeling all juicy and delicious like I do when I’m actively engaging with spirit all the time. I recognized this is a phase of a cycle, not a permanent sentence of being disconnection. It’s a part of being human. But I also feel ready to welcome in some of that juice.

So this morning, I decided it was time to finish setting up my altar, calling in the energies of the elements and the directions, my ancestors, my higher self, and spirit. I still wasn’t quite fully engaged, but I went through all the motions, feeling it as much as I genuinely could, and not needing more than that.

Moving on with my morning, I did a little yoga and sat down to do today’s Daily Magic.  Something happened when those cards came out. They were so beautiful.  So poignant. So clear.  So touching. The magic has returned! I felt a little inspired, a little creative, a little motivated.  What a relief 🙂

All I needed to do was go through the motions of a system that I know works for me, and it worked on me.  Thank God!

I’m back 🙂

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