Trust Your Path & Full Moon


Today’s message is to trust your path and trust your guidance.  Second-guessing can take a lot of time and energy, and it doesn’t feel great. Trust your path and keep going.

Tonight is a full moon and a good time to release anything not serving you. Make a list of the behaviors, thought patterns or habits keep you from moving forward on your divinely guided path and have a small elemental release ceremony by (safely) burning the paper (fire), burying it in the ground (earth), or setting it off to sea (water).

You can use this prayer/incantation as you release:

Fire/Water/Earth, take away from me

The shadows of who I used to be

In this full moon I let them flow

On their journey so I may grow.

It is a process to let go of shadows within ourself, so don’t be surprised if they aren’t immediately gone.  But as you move forward, do notice your awareness and intentions around the parts of you you’re letting go.


Today I used THE MOON DECK (

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